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Formulated specifically for fishing.

In the manufacturing industry, oil is inseparable. Based on many years of know-how, we have used the finest base oil and formulated it exclusively for fishing. We repeated trial and error in selecting the additives, and finally arrived at the optimal one. Special chemical synthetic oil is used, so it will not oxidize even if exposed to air, and it can be used without discoloration even if left for a long time. We have manufactured the best bearings, so we have not cut corners on the oil that matches them. I would be honored if you could use it together.


“Higgs” is a particle that is said to have given mass (energy) to other elementary particles at the beginning of everything. These particles are so small that they fly around us countless times, and their resistance changes the mass (energy) of the material. This Ultra Low Viscosity OIL Higgs was created with the image of these very small particles called God Energizing Particles.


Neutrinos are electrically neutral particles. At this very moment, hundreds of trillions are passing through our bodies every second. It may be the most familiar particle. Imagining this common particle, his OIL neutrinos of medium viscosity were created….


A photon is a familiar elementary particle that can be seen with the naked eye. Many grainy waves are pouring down from the sun. It is the image of the all-embracing light that is the source of all life, creating is OIL photons of high viscosity.