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Introducing a never-before-seen carbon handle that combines POWER & FINESSE!! The handle knob has a shape that allows you to squeeze and fight with power, and a knob shape that allows for delicate actions. In addition, we have created a carbon handle that is extremely strong against twisting, and has been carefully calculated to create a carbon handle that is both strong and delicate like never before.

It has a handle that can be used for bottom fishing such as hammered baits, scrolls, high specific gravity types and free rigs, and even big baits. The handle length is 100mm. I think many people think it’s a long time, but after listening to the opinions of TOP 50 professional anglers and super loco anglers from Lake Biwa, the representative of MC SQUARED agrees with the same opinion.

EVA handle knob is a product to achieve high quality reel operation. The soft, hand-fitting EVA material provides comfort, durability and weather resistance. Non-slip, maintains a steady grip even in wet conditions, and the stylish design adds beauty.